Tips For Preventing Animal Collisions

preventing animal collisionsWhether you’re driving along a back road or along a busy highway, the danger of an animal collision is very real. Deer or large antelope frequently graze along roadsides. They can do a lot of damage to you and your car if you hit one. In fact, there are millions of drivers each year who require the assistance of a collision repair center because of an accident involving deer. To keep you and your car safe, here are several great tips for preventing animal collisions while driving.

1. Break; Don’t Swerve

When an animal suddenly jumps out in front of your car, your first instinct might be to swerve around it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the safest reaction. While you may or may not miss the animal, there is a significantly increased chance that you will hit another nearby vehicle. Car-to-car collisions cause far more damage than a car-to-animal collision. Breaking instead of swerving can help keep multiple cars out of the auto shop. Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Help You Prevent Collision Repairs

collision repairsThe absolute best way to prevent the need for collision repairs is to be a safe and responsible driver. The only thing worse than taking your car to a collision repair center is knowing that you’re there because you made a stupid mistake. Here are five great tips that will help to keep you and your car safer on the road.

1. Know Where You’re Going

Knowing where you’re going is a great way to keep you and your car away from the auto shop. If you’re traveling to a new location, have a friend help you navigate or use a GPS that provides verbal directions so that your attention can be on your surroundings. Continue Reading →

Common Types of Collision Repair

types of collision repairWas your car recently in an accident? Whether you’re looking at minor damage or something more extreme, you’ll need to find a reliable collision repair center in your area. Not sure what to expect once you get your car to the shop? Here are four of the most common types of collision repair you can expect after being in an accident.

1. Paintless Dent Repair

In some cases, your car may be dented while the paintjob remains intact. This is ideal, as your auto shop should be able to make a paintless dent repair. This process removes the dent without impacting the paint. It will leave your car looking as if it had never been in an accident at all. Continue Reading →

Natural Hazards to Your Vehicle’s Paint

Auto Paint & Dent RepairNo matter how much you care for your car there are unforeseen hazards which cannot be avoided. Even idle cars are subject to body damage. Other drivers are not the only issue. Here are the most common causes of uncontrolled damage which require auto body repair work.

Hailstorms – Hail Dents & Paint Damage

Hailstorms pose a major threat to the body of your vehicle. When you are out on the road during a hailstorm it is simply unavoidable. For the most part, auto body coats will deflect damage from chunks of ice. However certain angles of hail may damage the paint on your vehicle.

Wildfires – Fire & Smoke Damage

Wildfires pose a threat to a wide proximity. Embers can be blown for miles, and if a still-burning ember settles on your paint which may leave your body damaged. Avoiding the fire altogether is the main priority. However it is also important to know how your car is affected. Continue Reading →