Natural Hazards to Your Vehicle’s Paint

Auto Paint & Dent RepairNo matter how much you care for your car there are unforeseen hazards which cannot be avoided. Even idle cars are subject to body damage. Other drivers are not the only issue. Here are the most common causes of uncontrolled damage which require auto body repair work.

Hailstorms – Hail Dents & Paint Damage

Hailstorms pose a major threat to the body of your vehicle. When you are out on the road during a hailstorm it is simply unavoidable. For the most part, auto body coats will deflect damage from chunks of ice. However certain angles of hail may damage the paint on your vehicle.

Wildfires – Fire & Smoke Damage

Wildfires pose a threat to a wide proximity. Embers can be blown for miles, and if a still-burning ember settles on your paint which may leave your body damaged. Avoiding the fire altogether is the main priority. However it is also important to know how your car is affected.

High Speed Winds

The wind itself usually is not the main threat to the integrity of your automobile. Often during high speed winds debris is picked up. This debris may pose a threat to the body of your vehicle – pitting and peels may occur. Also dust clouds kicked up by the wind may damage your air filter by clogging it.

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